Mizzen Global

About us

Supporting organizations and teams that want to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

Mizzen Global has been founded in 2018 based on an earlier cooperation between Ronald Spruit en Thom Koning. With their expertise in QHSE, business continuity and resilience, they support organizations and teams who want to improve efficiency and effectiveness in these areas. To ensure continuous service Mizzen Global is part of the Human Safety Alliance and works with Human Collective, NauticalExperts and the Resilience Academy. We are active in the domains transport & logistics, healthcare and public and private services.

With our specific experiences and knowledge we are both able to support to the synergy in your organization. Together each achieves more. Sharing knowledge, mutual understanding and ownership are essential. It requires an active approach from your side as well, our involvement means we provide temporary support. The solutions to your challenges need to be picked up by the organization or the team themselves, as soon as possible. We give advice on the best tips and tricks. Taking ownership leads to a shorter consulting period.


Thom Koning

With a career in shipping and offshore, incidenten investigation and human factors Thom has a solid base of experience and expertise. This experience leads to the acknowledgement that the subjects of quality, safety and sustainability are not domain specific, however in detail they may differ.

Where people work with each other and the provided machines and technique, we ask them to conform with values and standards and reach an optimum result. With his knowledge and experience Thom knows how to connect these processes. Working towards optimization with process improvement, training, assessments or specific workshops.


Ronald Spruit

With his knowledge in quality management systems and standards Ronald is of great support to QHSE managers, knowledge institutes and companies. He is aware that change might be difficult. It means to embrace the unknown. He is convinced to first inform the organization and teams adequately, especially on each other’s role. People are more attracted to change if they know where and how they can contribute. Because working on change means you work together. There is less emphasis on manuals, procedures or software. Team effort and cooperation lead to results.