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How do you create and reach operational excellence in quality, safety, health and environment? With Mizzen Global.

Creating operational excellence in quality, safety, health and environment. How do you realize that? With short term interventions or sustainable user friendly solutions? With our experience in the most demanding safety critical sectors we know how to integrate organization, technology and human factors. Our approach results in efficient signature solutions for your challenges in personal and process safety, health, environmental risks and incident investigation and analyses.

What we can offer

Mizzen Global has a solid fundament of knowledge and experience in these areas and supports organizations for interim, projects, training and incident investigation.


Consult and support related to challenges in safety, safety performance, sustainability, quality and learning from incidents. Implementation, assessment and audits of various standards; ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, for shipping ISM code and MLC certification.


Create clear targets, values and standards to strengthen your QHSE performance, ensure business continuity and handle risks. Translation to clear actions for the organization.


Learning from incidents requires a solid approach in incident investigation. We offer incident investigation training at three levels; basic, advanced and signature. Subjects are fact finding, interview techniques, analyses, human factors and reporting with conclusions and efficient recommendations. We also offer incompany training adjusted to your needs.


Our broad experience in quality and safety is requested regularly to update organizations and/or (project)teams to keep them updated with human factor and behavior-based aspects, safety challenges and quality processes.


As Facet5 practitioner and Resilience trainer we are able to create a clear image around the capabilities of your team and/or organization. You will gain information about hidden talents and possible absence of relevant expertise. A solid grip for optimization.